Best Wine Cooler Reviews For 2015

If you are a collector of fine wines then you are aware that wine has to be stored at the correct temperature to reserve the aroma and the flavor of your wine investment.  That’s where we come in.

Our mission at is to help you find the right refrigerator for your needs.  Read on to see some tips on keeping wine cool, features to look for with wine fridges, and our top rated picks for the best wine coolers.


Unique Features to Look for in Wine Refrigerators

If you are concerned about a child, teenager or thieves having access to your collection, you need to choice of a wine chiller with a safety lock already joined into the design. These factory-installed safety locks do not come standard on all wine refrigerators, only on certain models.


Coolers for wine are set to a temperature that is higher than a refrigerator or a beverage cooler since wine should never be stored as cold as other drinks. On average wine fridges will not have any temperatures that are below 46 degree F. For example, the Sunpentown 20 bottle cooler’s lowest temperature is 54 degrees F.

A refrigerator or beverage cooler are comparable with each other, but beverage coolers often do not offer the changeable shelves or door storage that a refrigerator has and wine chillers also have doors of glass in order to show your collection.

A beverage cooler and a wine cooler have a wide array of temperature so it can be used for either, but keep in mind that if you want to store together at the same time you will either have too-warm drinks or too-cold wine depending on how you choose to set the internal thermostat.

Tempered Glass

The majority of wine refrigerators are furnished with tempered glass since it is considerably stronger than typical glass. When a wine cooler is located in a kitchen, restaurant or other area of high traffic, the harsh light and UV rays are extremely harmful to wine. They add extra heat for your refrigerator to work and eventually can ruin the taste and the value of your wine. Most wine cellars have tinted glass so that your wine is protected from this type of harm.

Double Paned or Thermopane Glass

Thermopane glass was designed to make wine coolers more ‘energy efficient’; a thermopane glass door comprises of 2 panes of glass that contain gas or air sealed between them. This makes the glass much stronger than one pane glass doors, and they are warm to the touch so it diminishes the possibility of condensation or frost developing in the interior pane of your cooler. This also can ruin the taste and the value of your collection.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are a feature that is not specific to all wine fridges, only a select few. These filters work to protect your wine from odors that could be detrimental to your wine. Each filter works for about four to six months and filter replacements  are for sale as accessories.

Each wine refrigerator comes with a combination of features. If you are looking for a certain features it is best to look at the many brands of wine storage with the product’s description and specifications. We cover many of the most popular brands such as Avanti, Haier, and NewAir to just name a few.

There is much more to learn about wine coolers in the Wine Coolers Guide.