An In-depth Review of NewAir 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

You need branded wine coolers to keep your vintage wine selection at their best condition. After all, you want to take pride and enjoy your costly and unique wine collection, so it’s worth to invest into the top quality wine storage available.

When we talk about the best thermoelectric wine coolers, NewAir quickly come into the main picture. Over the years, NewAir has become one of the most reputed and reliable brands in the industry. They offer finest quality and service on all their wine cooling appliances.

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NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

A superbly crafted NewAir AW-281E 28 bottle stainless steel single zone wine cooler is designed for superior results. It comes in a compact, stylish sleek design that can well match your home decor. It also offers many bespoke storage options to make it more personalised. It features thermoelectric cooling and works quietly, without making any sound and even vibration.

Featuring built-in shiny LED lights, NewAir AW-281E wine cooler allows you show off your collection in an elegant way. Heavy insulation and UV protection system protects your wine bottles from UV damage and control temperature at suitable levels.

Main Features

  • Large storage capacity that easily holds around 28 bottles of unique flavours
  • Internal LED lights illumine your wine set and allow optimal viewing
  • Modern styling looks great and smartly reflects your personality
  • Effective chilling and versatile storage
  • Compact and self-supporting design that needs only 4″ clearance from all the sides
  • Thermoelectric cooling system makes it vibration free and help you efficiently maintain the ultimate flavour and aroma of your unique, deluxe wines
  • Sliding shelves offer easy handling
  • Digital thermostat to optimise the temperature accuracy
  • Easy control with a single push button
  • A large customer base and support system
  • Heavy-duty glass doors for perfect insulation and smart lookNewAir 28 Bottle
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Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 30 days period to return your purchase
  • Guaranteed money back
  • No restocking fees
  • Free of cost return shipping


A Spacious Cooler For All Types Of Wine Collection

Are you looking for extra space for your growing wine collection? The NewAir AW-281E wine cooler comes with everything you need. You can even store taller-than-normal bottles without any hassles. No matter how old or how advanced your collection is, you would surely appreciate the larger 28-bottle capacity, elegant look, interior, design and use-friendly features of this NewAir wine cooler. The freestanding, compacted design can simply fit in a little space.

Controls and Operation

The main control panel of the NewAir AW-281E is handily sited on exterior of door. The control panel makes it easier to monitor internal temperature and allow you to perform all your adjustments without even opening the unit. Three buttons provide most of the setting options and LED is there to efficiently display the temperature inside. The operation is much insightful. Just push the “Up” button to increase the internal temperature, “Down” to decrease and the “Light” button to switch on the internal LED lights.

Lots of Amenities

NewAir28 bottle single zone standard wine cooler comes with fully adjustable features. There are finest double-paned glass doors that simply add to the quality of this equipment. You can comfortably store and protect your classic deluxe wines in this stylish cooler. It features around 6 removable shelves that help you customise internal space and make the most of storage capacity. In addition, the sliding shelves allow easy selection between different wine bottles. The attractive stainless steel black finish enhances the overall look and butter up any home decor.

Customer Support

NewAir offers the most excellent customer support service. They are very responsive and are extremely helpful to detailed information about the product.


Like every household appliances, there are few limitations and downsides, which come with your NewAir AW-281E 28 bottle wine cooler purchase.

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Nonstop Running

It is the most awful drawback of this wine cooler unit. Unlike other wine coolers that normally run and shut off after a couple of minutes, this unit tends to run all the time. Also, it eats up 2.4X more energy to keep it operating continuously. The gasket is sealed poorly that results in the loss of cool air and eventually makes the cooler draw more energy to maintain proper temperature.


If you are a dedicated wine collector and enthusiast, the NewAir AW-281E wine cooler is simply best option for you. It suitably maintains perfect storage temperature and keeps the flavour your red and white wines intact round the clock.