Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Avanti is very proud of the 18 Bottle, Thermoelectric, Dual Zone, wine cooler with a Glass Door and Stainless Steel Handle (model: EWC1801DZ). Avanti makes several products for wine storage. You can shop until you find the one that works best for you.

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Dual Zone Temperature

This model is fairly new and features Dual Zone temperature. What exactly does dual zone mean? These dual zone wine coolers have two different temperature zones and if you are a collector or serious drinker of fine wines, this dual zone will store your white and red wines in two diverse temperature zones. This makes your wines perfect for consumption as well as adds to the value of your collection.

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A Comprehensive Review of Haier 8-Bottle Wine Cellar

Do you want to enjoy aging wine on your own? If yes, then Haier HVTM08ABS 8-Bottle wine cellar can be the best equipment for you. This electronic wine cellar produces extremely lower noise and almost zero vibration, which is an ideal setting for white and red wines to age in a natural manner.

With so many advanced features, Haier HVTM08ABS 8-Bottle wine cellar is best for food places and restaurants as it could efficiently store classic wine at typical temperatures.

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An In-depth Review of NewAir 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

You need branded wine coolers to keep your vintage wine selection at their best condition. After all, you want to take pride and enjoy your costly and unique wine collection, so it’s worth to invest into the top quality wine storage available.

When we talk about the best thermoelectric wine coolers, NewAir quickly come into the main picture. Over the years, NewAir has become one of the most reputed and reliable brands in the industry. They offer finest quality and service on all their wine cooling appliances.

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Haier Dual Zone 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

You may have experienced that the best bottle of expensive wine spoilt in your refrigerator. Therefore, you desire to invest in a wine cooler that will enhance its quality. You can opt for HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone unit. It has become a popular model for its resourceful features.

HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone – Appealing features

Aesthetic looks

HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone wine cooler is very compact and freestanding unit. It is designed to store both white and red wines at optimal temperature. Dual zone is available in black finish and can capably complement any décor.

The amber shaded glass door having a black trim looks attractive. The blue interior light offers a suggestive glow, which impresses family and friends.

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Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Review

Avanti specializes in providing quality refrigerators from compact to large size. Options for small wine coolers are plenty in comparison to large ones that include exorbitant price tag. Avanti has come up with a more value oriented large wine cooler WCR682SS2.

This flexible freestanding wine cooler is ideal for storing 166 ready to drink bottles. If you entertain frequently and need several bottle simultaneously than this is the best affordable option.

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Homeimage 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Homeimage 18 BottleWith this wine cooler you will always enjoy your wine at the temperature that is perfect for a cocktail drink or over dinner paired with a dish matching the wine. This means that your wines need to be stored, chilled, and consumed at the ideal temperature. This can be done with the Homeimage 18 bottle, dual zone, and thermoelectric wine cooler.

Dual Temperature Zones

The dual temperature zones means that this cabinet’s upper and lower zones are independently operated refrigerated compartments with independent temperature control abilities, and lets two different types of wine be chilled at once. There is a temperature LED display with 44-64F upper & 52-64F lower.

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Sunpentown 20 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

The Sunpentown is a 20 bottle (standard) capacity wine cooler with shelves that are removable. Glass door is mirror glass with trim that is black and cabinet all reflects a contemporary look and style. Touch sensitive control panel with an LED temperature display on door. The temperature is adjustable and can be maintained at 54 degree F to 66 degree F.

Note that this is not a build-in/under counter unit. There is a 5 inch clearance required on all 4 sides for ventilation (right, left, top and back). Maximum temperature variance is 35 F degrees.

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Whynter 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator/Cooler

If you have been searching on the internet and ended up on this here, you probably know that a wine enthusiast lives here. Other than drinking it with meals, many might have what some describe as an interest in wine coolers or anything that will make the wine taste as it should.

These are people who are always looking for a cooler for wine that is better than the one they have already. You might already have been through several with nothing being wrong with the last one but you are always looking for any wine cooler that makes the bottle of wine taste exactly at its best.

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