Avanti 166 Bottle Wine Refrigerator Review

Avanti specializes in providing quality refrigerators from compact to large size. Options for small wine coolers are plenty in comparison to large ones that include exorbitant price tag. Avanti has come up with a more value oriented large wine cooler WCR682SS2.

This flexible freestanding wine cooler is ideal for storing 166 ready to drink bottles. If you entertain frequently and need several bottle simultaneously than this is the best affordable option.

Key features of WCR682SS2 model

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Powerful compressor

While looking for wine coolers consumers get confused on which system to opt for – compressor or thermoelectric cooling. Storing and preserving wine needs maintenance of consistent temperature every time.

Generally wine coolers are equipped with compressor that uses vapour compression for achieving and maintaining required temperature. In thermoelectric cooling a heat flux is created between the two sides and heat from one side is transported to the other side meaning one side gets cooler and other side gets warmer.

However, maintaining the cool temperature is vital for refrigeration. Thermostatic cooling severely lacks in temperature decreasing capability in comparison to compressor technology. This is particularly essential when you open wine cooler door to –

  • Load wine bottles
  • Organize your collection
  • Pull out a bottle to use

With thermostatic system the cooler will probably stay out of the set temperature for significant time period. This temperature fluctuations cause often can harm wine quality. Compressor technology has been in application for more than ten decades with regular enhancement in its performance and energy efficiency.

Roll-out shelves

Avanti WCR682SS2 is equipped with wooden roll-out shelves. These wooden pull-out shelves glide smoothly and offer a classy look. It stands out nicely against the stainless steel trimmed door. The space between two shelves is limited.

The capacity stated is for storing standard Bordeaux type 166 bottles but if you store odd sized Magnum or Champagne bottles there will be loss in the assured storing capacity.Avanti 166 Bottle Wine

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Digital thermostatic controls

Digital controls are set on the door top.

  • Displays cabinet temperature
  • Touch-pad for adjusting temperature

Digital thermostatic controls include excellent features to maintain the temperature setting within your collection. If your cooler is full there will be little temperature fluctuations within the collection. This is good news because temperature stability is essential for wine storage.

Charcoal air filtration and fan

The cork material has microscopic pores, which allow the corked wines to breathe automatically. This natural flux of air is normal for wine maturation but can be problematic if any contaminants are present.

Fumes, smoke or undesirable odours can adulterate the taste and aroma of wine. Moreover, stale condition within can produce moulds, which can degrade the bottle labels. It can reduce wine bottle value, if you plan to resell it.

Avanti WCR682SS2 has used an active charcoal filtration media and fan circulation system to handle these possibly vexing air quality problems. Charcoal has the capability to absorb volatile molecules of smokes, fumes and odours, when the air passes through it thus the wine bottles are protected from getting contaminated.

LED interior lighting

Attractive and cool variety of LED lamp is used. LED displays your wine collection very nicely. No heat or damaging UV rays are generated.

Designed for free-standing application

It has front venting system, so you can install it close to the rear wall. Avoid installing it in moist, extreme cold and direct sunlight areas. Remember not to install it in built-in or recessed places.

Other advantageous features

Reversible door; ball bearing rollers; door security lock; glass door tinted and double-paned; black colour and trimmed stainless steel framing for the door.

Dimensions & weight

Avanti WCR682SS2 model is compact and slim model in comparison to its capacity.

  • 71” H X 23.5” W x 28.75” D
  • Weight – 223 pounds

Customer reviews and ratings

Avanti WCR682SS2 166 Bottle Wine Refrigerator has satisfaction rating of around 4 stars. Customers appreciate the cooling performance, quietness and attractive looks. Wooden shelves are much preferred because the bottles do not get scratched and labels remain intact. Moreover they do not bend under heavy weight.

Several negative reviews are due to some customer service dispute, where some odd sized bottles were cramped between shelves. Practically, these are common issues experienced by all wine coolers.

Click here to see full Pricing, Rating & Reviews at Amazon


Avanti WCR682SS2 is an appealing unit with a tempting price tag of approximately $1500 and lots of storage space to ideally store your vintage whites and reds. Considering value scale this model is a smart choice. The sophisticated design adds style to any room.