Avanti 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Avanti is very proud of the 18 Bottle, Thermoelectric, Dual Zone, wine cooler with a Glass Door and Stainless Steel Handle (model: EWC1801DZ). Avanti makes several products for wine storage. You can shop until you find the one that works best for you.

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Dual Zone Temperature

This model is fairly new and features Dual Zone temperature. What exactly does dual zone mean? These dual zone wine coolers have two different temperature zones and if you are a collector or serious drinker of fine wines, this dual zone will store your white and red wines in two diverse temperature zones. This makes your wines perfect for consumption as well as adds to the value of your collection.

Value of Right Temperatures

Kept at the right temperature your wines will preserve their natural flavor and aroma for a longer period of time until you are ready to enjoy one of your wines with a meal or at a party with friends.

Temperature to Set At

Most white wines need to be cooled to a drinking temperature of 41-50 degrees and red wines should be enjoyed when at a drinking temperature of 50 to 64 degrees.

Thermoelectric Cooling

This Avanti Dual Zone also has thermo-electric cooling which allows for the wines to be stored with no vibrations to mix the sediments at the bottom with the wine. Thermo-electric is also quieter when running and therefore can be put in any area of your home.

Thermo- electric wine coolers work by using what is referred to as the Peltier effect. This involves a heat pump using electrical energy to develop a surface where one side is cold and one is hot and constantly keeps the heat away from the cold side.

Other Features

This wine cooler also features a glass door for showing off your wine collection. It also has a stainless steel door handle that adds the touch of elegance to your wine collection and to the storage unit. So with this model you have quiet, vibration free storage in two different temperature zones and an elegant manner to show your collection off.Avanti - 18 Bottle

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Great Features

You get so many great features with this wine cooler so it is worth every bit of money that you spend on it.

Avanti has a range of wine refrigerators or cooler with dual temperature zones as do other manufactures. There are units by Avanti that hold more bottles of wine or for the very large collectors there are one zone wine coolers where you can put your white wines in and purchase another one zone wine cooler for your red wines. It all depends on what your individual needs are.

Customer Comments

Here are some customer comments on this exact unit.

“I love having wine at the perfect temperature. No more too cold white or too warm red. I buy wines to consume, not to preserve, so this works just right for me. I was happy to find a wine cooler just the right size for the space I wanted it in. The back of the unit some of the spaces are shorter but I have smaller desert bottles in there. You just have to tryout with what fits best where. I recommend this refrigerator for the casual consumer of wine.”

    “..…bought this due to its price and size. Wanted a slightly larger one, but this is working out great for me. I actually had to use the manual to figure out how to adjust the settings, but after that thirty-second humiliation, everything is great. I have it in my living room, and after the initial cool down, I can’t hear the fan at all.”

Click here to see full Pricing, Rating & Reviews at Amazon

The Price is Right!

This is a really a great wine cooler for the price especially when you consider that you get the best in cooling as well as duel zones and the elegant design with the glass doors and stainless steel handle. There are other wine coolers like this made by various other companies so if you are unsure, you have the entire internet to help you find the one that you feel is best for you.

But for vibration-free and noise- free storage, with dual zone temperature  for your wine, in a case that shows them off without having to open the door – you have to consider that the price is right on this one.

I would recommend this wine cooler to anyone who is wants to store ready to drink white or red wines at the perfect temperature – you can’t beat this!