Haier Dual Zone 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

You may have experienced that the best bottle of expensive wine spoilt in your refrigerator. Therefore, you desire to invest in a wine cooler that will enhance its quality. You can opt for HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone unit. It has become a popular model for its resourceful features.

HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone – Appealing features

Aesthetic looks

HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone wine cooler is very compact and freestanding unit. It is designed to store both white and red wines at optimal temperature. Dual zone is available in black finish and can capably complement any décor.

The amber shaded glass door having a black trim looks attractive. The blue interior light offers a suggestive glow, which impresses family and friends.

Dual wine storage space

Dual zone can store 2 kinds of wine at different temperatures. The unit’s capacity is to hold 12 bottles of standard size (750 ml). The lower zone can hold 6 bottles and is designed to chill whites. The upper zone can capably hold 6 bottles and is perfect for cooling the reds.

Electronic control – thermostat adjustment

Both the upper and lower zones are controlled independently using a smart touch panel interface along with temperature display. Temperature that can be adjusted in –

  • The upper zone – 45° to 54°F for reds
  • The lower zone – 52° to 64°F for whites

Remember to adjust the temperature whenever necessary because sudden raise in heat can force the wine out through the cork whereas sudden drop off warmth can force air inside the bottle.

Double paned door

Haier Dual Zone is designed using double paned amber tinted glass door that efficiently maintains the inner temperature and filters the harmful UV rays. It is wise to install the unit away from direct sunlight because heat spoils the taste.

Even wet areas or excessive cool rooms can affect the wine quality. However, the insulation on the double paned door keeps temperature steady and provides maximum energy efficiency.Haier Dual Zone 12

Chrome storage racks

The 12 bottle Haier unit has 4 sturdy shelves designed to hold the bottles on their sides. Remember that if your bottles are larger than standard size you may possibly have to do some juggling. Avoid moving bottles because constant motion can affect the aging process.

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Ventilation and location

Due to its rear ventilation you have to maintain few inches on all sides even the rear wall. If you ignore this aspect heat gets built up in confined space.

The cooling appliance has to work harder than its capacity and ultimately burn out. The unit must be installed in vibration-free area because vibration agitates wine and affects its superiority.

Adjustable legs

Adjustable legs can be fine-tuned in front. This is necessary for the wine coolers door to align properly. Misaligned door will not close correctly causing frost, cooling or moisture issues.

Interior light

A soft light is built in the wine cooler, which complements the wine collection looks. The interior light automatically turns on when you open the door.

The interior button has two images one is light-on and other is light-off. However to turn it off you have to push the button once. If you desire to let the light remain on push light button twice before locking the door.

Tips – Keep the lights-off to save energy. Use lights only when you load, organize or remove wine bottles.

Other technical details

  • Dimension – 10 x 24 x 20”
  • Weight – 30.8 pounds
  • Price – less than $150
  • Material – metal

Customer reviews & ratings

HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone wine cooler has a very remarkable and firm track record. Currently, it holds an average rating of 4.0 stars.

Users have praised HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone wine cooler for its performance, capacity and price tag.

Several users complained that their unit works noisily but according to reviews this cooler operates almost silently. Their complaint may be due to some mechanical defects in the unit. Some complains are typical that their unit does not store 12 non-standard size wine bottles.

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Concluding judgment

Undoubtedly, HVTM12DABB Haier Dual Zone wine cooler has good capacity for a small model. Has dual zone, maintains temperature, cools rapidly, looks fantastic and is a genuine bargain in comparison to other brands with similar specifications.

Uncertainty will be faced by users wanting more storage space. For small collection you don’t have anything to lose with this unit. You can even gift it to dear friends. They are sure to thank you for your generosity without any idea of the affordable price.