Homeimage 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Homeimage 18 BottleWith this wine cooler you will always enjoy your wine at the temperature that is perfect for a cocktail drink or over dinner paired with a dish matching the wine. This means that your wines need to be stored, chilled, and consumed at the ideal temperature. This can be done with the Homeimage 18 bottle, dual zone, and thermoelectric wine cooler.

Dual Temperature Zones

The dual temperature zones means that this cabinet’s upper and lower zones are independently operated refrigerated compartments with independent temperature control abilities, and lets two different types of wine be chilled at once. There is a temperature LED display with 44-64F upper & 52-64F lower.

There is also an auto defrost for the glass door which also has a futurist looking recessed handle. It has a soft interior lighting with an ON/OFF switch and adjustable level foot. This is a lot of bang for your bucks.

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The Importance of Temperature

With this wine cooler you will always enjoy your wine at the temperature that is perfect. This means that your wines need to be stored and chilled at the ideal temperature. This can be done with the HomeImage 18 bottle, dual zone – thermoelectric wine cooler.

Cooling Systems

This unit features a thermo-electric cooling system which makes this unit vibration-free and ultra-quiet. The dual zone design allows for the storing of both red and white wines independently for the best results. The cooler is impeccable for a wine connoisseur or a new collector. For convenience, this cooler comes with an LED display, digital controls and a touch button control panel which allows for easy operation.

Tempered Glass

The majority of wine refrigerators are furnished with tempered glass as it is stronger than typical glass. When a wine cooler is located in a kitchen, restaurant or other area of high traffic, the harsh light and UV rays are very harmful to wine. These all cause added heat from your refrigerator to work and can damage the taste and the value of your wine. Most wine coolers have tempered glass so that your wine is saved from problems caused by the outside environment.Homeimage 18 Bottle2

Double Paned or Thermopane Glass

Thermopane glass was designed to make wine coolers more ‘energy efficient’; a thermopane glass door involves 2 panes of glass containing gas or air sealed between them. This makes the glass stronger than one pane glass doors, and reduces the possibility of condensation or frost developing in the interior pane of your cooler. This can ruin the taste and the value of your wine collection.

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The reviews from other buyers are listed below:

“I like this wine cooler a lot. This cooler screams quality. The recessed handle give this cooler a clean feel and the LED display looks awesome. The Dual temperature settings come in accessible cooling for the white and red wines. The display of glass looks great and the dual pane glass windows provide for insulation that is great. Unit runs perfectly correct temperature and quit. I would certainly buy it again.”
“It works great, and it’s really quiet….

“Cooled down rather quickly, and holds temperature well.

“Temperature easy very easy to set, so far so good after 4 days.”

“Love this wine cooler and couldn’t wait to get my collection into the cooler and check out the dual zones. It works perfectly – so the whites cool at the temperature that is great for them and the red wines chill at the degrees that are best of them”.

“Extremely easy to get everything set to the best temperatures so that I get the best taste and aromas from all my favorite wines!   I have the perfect place for it in the mini-bar in the den but I can put it on the patio when we are entertaining guest for grilling in the backyard by the pool. Perfect – perfect – perfect this is the perfect wine cooler at the perfect price.”

Features Summary:

  • Dual Zone for red and white wine;
  •  Dual Temperatures settings;
  •  Adjustable degrees range:  51 – 64 (on bottom) and 44 – 64 (on top);
  • Convenient and is able to be put anywhere in your home;
  • LED display with a low and soft lighting;
  • Has dual glass door with a handle that is recessed.

A wine cooler with these features at the current price is a bargain that a collector of fine wines should jump on because it indeed is a real gem to use to protect your wines. All the major features for cooling wine correctly are offered in this unit. I highly recommend this wine cooler.

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