Sunpentown 20 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

The Sunpentown is a 20 bottle (standard) capacity wine cooler with shelves that are removable. Glass door is mirror glass with trim that is black and cabinet all reflects a contemporary look and style. Touch sensitive control panel with an LED temperature display on door. The temperature is adjustable and can be maintained at 54 degree F to 66 degree F.

Note that this is not a build-in/under counter unit. There is a 5 inch clearance required on all 4 sides for ventilation (right, left, top and back). Maximum temperature variance is 35 F degrees.

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Thermoelectric Cooling

These are wine coolers using a cooling system called ‘thermoelectric cooling’. These wine coolers use what is called the ‘Peltier’ effect to cool.

How Thermoelectric Cooling Works

With thermoelectric cooling, a heat pump that uses electrical energy to produce a surface where one side is hot and the other side is cold and then continually keeps heat away from the cold side. Since these coolers don’t have a compressor, these types of wine coolers do not cause any of the vibrations you normally have with a refrigerator. Keeping wine vibration-free leaves the sediment intact and prevents any decline and is one of the more vital features of wine storage; a vibration free cooling area can be of great value.

QuieterSunpentown 20

Thermoelectric coolers are also far quieter than the vapor compression systems and this gives more options for where you can place them; virtually any place in your home. These wine coolers do not function well in areas that are warmer than around 80 degrees and cannot cool to temperatures much below fifty degrees.

They also are not the best choice for large wine collections. But if you have a small collection and it stays indoors, this type of wine cooler is a great choice, as it provides a temperature-controlled and vibration-free environment that allows your wines to age perfectly.

Currently these wine coolers are on sale $150 (plus $50 shipping) when the list price is $320. It is made of high value materials – shelves not flimsy, and quiet running. If a fridge thermometer is set inside it stays within 2 degrees of the digital setting (digital setting is 62, thermometer is 60). The reflective glass and interior light make for a sleek look.

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Reviews by customers are listed below:

“I have had my Sunpentown 20 for a week now and I like it. Most bottles I have fit except for one of the fatter reds that I have. The shelves slide out and the light is a nice touch. It emits a very low hum. It sits next to my computer and I really don’t notice it unless the house is very quiet. The touch control is not excessively sensitive and its get an A on low end temp which is 54. I have a plan to clean the exhaust and intake vents regularly because I suspect dirt in them is what killed my last wine fridge which was NOT a Sunpentown.”

“I did extensive research on which wine cellar to buy and was quite confused! Some were too expensive or too large for the space I wanted to put this in. I decided to go with this Sunpentown cellar because it was compact, had the right temperature range for red wines, and was priced right. Don’t need a dual zone cellars since I only store reds. This cellar so far appears to be a fairly decent one for the most part considering the price.

It’s compact, looks MUCH better than the picture posted

Easy to set up

has 5 shelves for 4 bottles each

Temperature can be controlled from the outside with digital controls (ranges       from 54 degrees to I think 62 degrees)

perfect size for me as I was not looking for a large and professional type cellar, but still care about the wines purchased;

Reasonably quiet. It does have a hum to it that takes a day or so to get used to.

price is great for a good looking small to medium sized cellar.

As a reviewer, I find many good features with this wine refrigerator or cooler. These include:

  • Glass door that is reflective with controls that are touch sensitive
  • Regulating thermostat with temperature display that is LED
  • Soft interior light
  • Low consumption of power
  • Adjustable temperature range: 54 ~ 66°F

With a price of only $150 and free shipping, most people will not find a better bargain than that so I would recommend it to anyone who needs storage for a small collection of wine.

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