Whynter 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator/Cooler

If you have been searching on the internet and ended up on this here, you probably know that a wine enthusiast lives here. Other than drinking it with meals, many might have what some describe as an interest in wine coolers or anything that will make the wine taste as it should.

These are people who are always looking for a cooler for wine that is better than the one they have already. You might already have been through several with nothing being wrong with the last one but you are always looking for any wine cooler that makes the bottle of wine taste exactly at its best.

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Used Two Ways

These people are probably like someone who loves music and is always looking for new ways to get the better sound out of their albums or CD collection. This cooler was a big surprise as this model can be in-built so it fits flush to the cabinets in the kitchen. This is possible since the ventilation comes from the front not the sides. But it can also be used as a free standing cooler.

So, here are some of the other benefits:


This company has created a masterpiece with this cooler. The look overall is a bit understated but somehow this cooler still stands out in the crowd. It has a great looking black cabinet and stainless steel door. The handle stretches down the entire length of the door and is also stainless steel.

Door Glass

This door is a smoky-gray color with double paneled tempered glass. This means that it does not matter if your cooler is placed somewhere that might get some sun during the day as the glass protects the wines inside from UV rays which can ruin your entire collection of wines by changing the taste and aromas.

Digital Display

This might not seem important to most people but it is worth mentioning. The digital display is behind the door and that protects it from the elements such as dust or dirt. From here it is where you can control everything, even the humidity level which is important with wines. For humidity control, this model comes with an optional box which is placed on the top shelf. But, you will lose some valuable wine storage space if you use this option.

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Lock It Up

With this wine cooler there is the option to keep your collection of wines under lock and key. This will keep the kids or teenagers out of the wine. You don’t want to have a party and find that all the bottles have been diluted with water to replace what the kids have been drinking with their friends.Whynter 18 Bottle

Cooling System

The other thing that is special about this Whynter 18 bottle wine cooler is that it works with a compressor based cooling system. This is good if you want to be able to choose a large temperature range for the cooling of your collection, but it will be noisier than the systems that are thermo-electric based.

Fits Anywhere

If you are a person who always wants a tad bit of style in your kitchen, and you don’t have a large collection of wines but still want to store them properly, then you will not go wrong with this model. This model is well liked among wine lovers and is reasonably priced for a model that looks built-in.


But remember, you can actually save quite a bit of money if you do not insist on a built-in wine cooler, so make certain you check alternatives. There are models that are less than half the price of this one that have 2 temperature zones and are also highly rated. And then there are single zone wine coolers that cost even less yet can store up to 20 bottles.

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This is a very nice and elegant looking wine cooler and looks good no matter where in your home you keep it. It will look perfect in the kitchen or in a bar area in the den or family room. It can also be used in an office where you might be entertaining clients. This is an excellent choice for a small or medium collection of wines and is also available at a reasonable price. The reviews from customers are excellent.


When you can get a wine cooler or refrigerator that has an elegant look and has many features especially for a reasonable price – then you have a gem of a bargain and you will not go wrong buying it. Your wines will taste the way they are meant to and it will taste great with the foods that they go with. Nothing is better than a good Merlo with a hamburger!